a boring post

just like a dream.

sports day today. went to sch feeling very very sian cos didnt have to run. most likely sit under the sun and have to pray that no one see me so i wont have to go cheer in front. i mean cheering is fine, just dun like to stand out and watch other ppl stone and unreacting. :X kind of contradictory but nvm.

but a few mins after i reached sch(which was later than usual but alot less ppl around), cherie and claudia came to ask me to run 4×100 cos track ppl not allowed to run. then in the end me, clarine(?), brenda and lixuan ran la. woohooo 2nd! 😀 first time run, was damn nervous. ppl could tell i was shaking… hahaha have to run as first runner. tried not to run with cca ppl. but i swear i was quite close to peiwoon when i ran! shld have ran faster. was 2nd/3rd when i was running, i think 3rd la. not too sure, could only concentrate on the ppl on the lanes beside me. then somewhere at the back became second. 100m seemed long when you look at ppl running but when you run, it’s actually quite ok.

anyway hahaha dun blame me for being so happy la. first time run ma and i dunno how to pass baton. not many ppl know i run but it’s ok heheh. a little difficult to run with an over sized shirt though. like got parachute behind zzzzzzz. hahaha who cares dun last is like not too bad le. have the tyco tyco feeling.

didnt win cheering comp sadly. dunno how far we lagged behind. started with 30 something points only la. mino had 195(?!?!?!?!) i think.

after that had to collect some stuff for leaders sel kind of stuff. then went vivo with rachel. grr that long johns person… counter close how i know, please lor the CLOSED words are like 1/10 of the screen, which is like 1/100 or more of the entire long johns. dun think you older than me then can use that kind of tone lor. i spoke nicely to you leh. grrrrrrrrr.

suan le this isnt pleasantville anyway. and i think i “shocked” rachel 8 times. you know the static electricity thing. but i didnt feel anything la. and we spoke the same things at the same time 3 times. haha like chemistry. walked around for quite long i think. my legs feel sore now, shld be caused by the walking instead of the running.

almost everything around reminded me that today is halloween.


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