complaint to myself, abt myself.

i half believe i’m jinxed with bad hair cuts this year. jinxed jinxed jinxed. and deepavali’s coming soon. sigh why can’t i celebrate this public hol happily. laugh la laugh la. well, not bad until totally no face to go out see ppl la, still got hair ok, but yeah u get the point. part and parcel of life. why am i always regretting my decisions. layer alr so grow faster leh. i dun want to be stuck with a err… whatever my hair looks like now.. shldn’t have gone layer so soon lor, shld have waited. argh. no mood to start hw again.

yeah i haven’t start. still in the yeah-exams-over-yayx10000 mood la. i dun rmb anything abt redox. and i can’t find the maths wkst. got maths hw right? nvm la, also last lesson on tues.

wooh oh ya vb ppl ran damn fast for the heats on fri! while the rest of us had lots of fun at training haha. got 1st for something and 2nd for something else. but got disqualified for one of them. doesn’t matter though. still very proud of them. cheered for them during water breaks. yeah that’s all.

i have a bad feeling abt next week. left all the i really suck at subjects’ results. phy, chi p1, lang arts. and maybe some other sub i dun rmb. the week havent even started and i’m alr feeling that it will be suay alr.

happiness = reality/ expectations
hope = expectations/ reality

something from a book i read and havent finish. something like that i think.


i hope i’m not mistaken as another person. :X


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