take a spin

i’m back. 🙂

got some results back alr. huishan’s class imba, if i’m in her class i’d be the bottom few alr. today was damn boring. except for lang arts. pleasantville. i watched it before but i dun rmb the parts abt sex. -.- but anyway that was a long time ago.

i’m running out of things to say. felt like alot, but if i typed everything out it’d seem quite depressing la. i may just revert to my old ways.

oh yeah, today morning was interesting. write your name on a paper, fold into a fan, throw around, write stuff for ppl. i wrote with singlish instead of english lor. ahem it’s instinctive alr. anyway, sit in the middle almost all the paper fly here. dunno good or bad la.

zonals coming! actually i’m starting to feel stressed abt it. plus everything is different this time. guys still got u-16…

you must have been tired running through my mind all day. cheesy hahaha want to laugh everything i see it.

but still, it’s time to get over it.


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