into a tornado

this is strange but even though the exams are over, i feel more like having a hiatus now.

but anyway shall still post some content. i think you dream wat you think may be more true than you are wat you eat. if you eat bugs then you are a bug meh. but still, from personal experience, 3 days straight, whatever i’ve been thinking/talked abt/happened in the day, had a part to play in my dreams at night.


1. some !@#$%%^^*&**( person/ppl whom i can’t believe can be so influential. in the bad way of course. and that 1 or 2 of my… erm friends i guess were like… er what to say, becoming the same kind of er person. sorry after exams language standard drop alr. it feels like a long time since i dreamt that dream, so it seems quite blurry. anyway, then in the end the !@#@%$$^&& person sort of betrayed them la. i know la, that’s a very dramatic dream. but still, it sort of happened ok! except for the betraying part haha.

2. this one i rmb. i guess. that i went to 3c/3a look for ppl. then ya lor alot of 2b ppl there. suddenly felt like the last day of school last year, except that this time i cried. just felt like something was pulled away from me or something la. but in reality, last year de last day of sch i din cry. :X and the last day of sch last year is like nearly 12 mths ago right. however(sick of buts la) that day i had the dream, i was talking to someone abt the past. and i felt really quite sad la. except in the dream, everything was more dramatic. probably one of the worse “waterfalls“. T_T

3. i read too much fullmetal(re-read la actually). i dreamt abt it. yeah the elric brothers! alphonse~ i was in the storyline you know! helped in making automails or something hahaha. 😀

still, dreams turned out to be a reflection in fact. perhaps more of how i feel but din want to show. and everything seems so drama leh. like having a tv in my brain. quite a lousy channel i must say.

eh dun have have to go sch tmr yay! i’m going MIA from here for a while i guess.



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