gone with the wind

as expected i din explode with joy after the last paper. that’s quite 😦 cos it doesnt seem normal to not feel anything. then i see ppl so high, the weirder i feel.

but in any case, still went out with yongen kathy jiarong wenli songyan jiahui. actually not many ppl know our sch uniform leh. i mean we were walking then i heard someone walking towards us saying zhe shi shen me xue xiao which is what sch is this la. and when we went to eat, the super nice auntie (first person i ever met to be so passionate/enthu abt her work) also din know what sch we were from. or maybe we just happen to meet the exceptions of ppl who dunno our sch uniform la, but oh well.

i only got to the yay exams are over omg finally! mood like… after i got home. -.- lag la, but wat to do. watched ratatouille again, din finish it the other time cos it loaded too slowly. quite interesting, i thought the animation was quite good. 😀 i feel like watching movies based on nicholas sparks novels leh. hahaha all the love stories. maybe i’d go find the books ba. no sch on mon(i think). maybe i’d go library…

hahaha it’s the sudden interest in books again la, which may die out again. it’s always like that, i feel like reading but whenever i go to the library i can’t seem to find something that can keep me seated long enough. then i get bored and decide to do something else again.

btw exams over le, so going to have sports heat soon. nvm nvm just go make up the numbers la. some more i just need to run so short.

i wonder.

anyway, exams are over! so that means = supposedly i shld be very very free and yeah can slack as and when i like. so, next time after sch maybe can slack around for a while then go home. feels like forever since i walked around aimlessly or went to swing the swing or laughed like a maniac. cos this year has been all abt rushing hurrying and just, moving at the speed of light cos everyone else is. only one problem, there’s no one to walk with, swing the swing with, laugh with. and i probably wont get the feeling back. so, actually there are 2 problems. but nvm, we’ll come to that when the time comes.

perhaps my life has always had a slow pace but i always wanted it to be slower. yet i would complain if everything became still.


haha this post seems weird.


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