last day of mugging alr. come to think of it, if we mug mug mug like crazy, then the paper comes out like super easy, you’d still feel like stabbing yourself cos ya la, do so much but turned out that you didnt have to. but then still, if u mug abit only, the paper super hard then you’d still feel like stabbing yourself in the heart for not mugging enough. either way, you’d suffer. ya some ppl argue that for the first scenario at least you will get good grades… -.- it’s hard to believe the power marks have on ppl. so sick of studying.

ss: let’s hope that tmr will be easy. even if i dun score, just pass can le. at least i memorised the first page for switzerland alr.(eh i never memorise anything last time one leh… but that also explains the c5 and c6s la.)

my brain feels saturated alr. but that’s cos there’s also geog inside. so it’s not exactly so bad afterall. i feel like i need to study chem again. panic attacks… ahhhhhh 😦

let’s defy the laws of science and prove that things(knowledge) can still dissolve(in a way) into the brain cells despite it being saturated alr. in mugging, there is nothing called until it reaches equilibrium, just have to keep memorising memorising memorising. sigh i hate mugging.

lol, some things to keep the saturated brain happy. oh how i miss. that’s the onion head thing btw.


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