kind of pissed of with myself. kind of a weird thing to feel in the first place. but still, i wasted too much time alr. procrastinated too much, thought too little.

*stone stone stone*

and i still want to watch ghost whisperer.

there’s alot i want to do. but alot doesn’t include revision/flipping through files/redoing, rethinking. i’m not sure i really want exams to be over either. cos then there will be sports heat _ which i stupidly chose one that all other fast runners would definitely choose. and then cca, ok not such a bad thing, but i think i’m starting to get used to having no sun. -.- and then will get results back, which will constitute 30 percent of the whole year and ya la, the year ends.

i’ve got to do something worthwhile really soon or i’d die from the rotting.


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