300th post alr.

i can’t sit still these days. have to move here move there, wahlao surely cos of the fever, i knew it can’t be so good, too good to be true alr. like alot to talk abt leh, but lacking in the words to put down here.

a sequel to ytd, mugging day four. i only finished one more topic. seriously i’m progressing damn slowly lor, maybe that’s as compared to huishan la.

suddenly it’s like the year is coming to an end alr. so fast, but finally, yay. heheh but it’s like now then i start to like the class more leh. sigh, havent been playing vb since… very long alr. i bet i will lose touch when there’s cca again. i bet with you, 10 cents.


i feel like a retard for asking(the other time).
but first, got to study for eoys. go go slackerrr.


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