Saturday, Sep 27th, 2008 — Your relationships can seem rather complex today because other people’s needs may not be running on the same track as yours. But honest communication can open doors that were previously closed if you are willing to stick with the discussions, even when they seem to be going nowhere. Don’t give up; the breakthrough you are seeking might be just around the next corner.

i dun really understand it, but no harm reading i guess. some more it’s only 36 more minutes to the end of today.

day three.

unproductive. i need a much much much longer attention span. how do u study without spacing out like every 10 minutes? but i would love to use the this-weekend-suddenly-alot-of-hw reason, and part of it seems true. i feel like some movie where time is a crucial factor and every now and then a corner of the screen will show 01h 00m 00s… 00h 30m 00s… until it’s like the last ten seconds or something.

eh how to start this. i just had a bad feeling abt something. it’s either abt eoys or… that. like i losing ALOT of time and then like very rush and honestly, I’M DAMN SCARED I WILL BLANK OUT AGAIN. or just something will not go according to plan, and in fact, go horribly wrong.

plus, i have to brush up my chinese. compos are like a stranger to me alr. T_T time and panic level are inversely proportional. the less time, the more panic. for exams la, phy esp.

argh bad feeling bad feeling go away go away.

and oh yeah, hmmm maybe i won’t ask. no point forcing for an ans, and i’m not sure i really want one anyway.


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