woke up today feeling damn weird. at the eyes and my heartbeat. like, it doesn’t pump monotonously leh. and i wasn’t doing anything much in the morning. but that happens once in a while, so maybe it’d be better after today.

and my legs feel like jelly. i think since we got back phy paper. quite disappointed la… careless mistake 2 marks, kena cheated 2 marks. then after realising i could have jump 2 grades with that 4 marks, i guess that’s when my legs turned into jelly. feels like cannot stand properly, like not enough strength or something. maybe too hungry la… cos after eating something, felt alot better.

gonna start studying(officially i guess, i can’t rmb what i revised ytd)! >: ) starting with chem, starting from today. YES STEPHANIE GO GO GO! devised a mugging schedule with kathy on the bus. hahaha totally din know which subject to start and how much time to spend on each of them lor. but is like err…. -.- not like first time exam wat.

i think in the morning song yan was saying that even if we get 0 for everything we can still promote la, just that u got a lousy gpa. i thought it was okay la. but then someone i can’t rmb who said but you’re in 3e. yi4 yan2 jing1 xing3 meng4 zhong1 ren2 leh.

ok nvm abt that, shall go study.
“I don’t love you
Like I did


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