this heart will start a riot in me

today felt like such a long day. finished lang arts oral presentation and phy test! ohh yeahhhhh. but as usual, all good things come to an end. there’s still cid oral presentation tmr. anyway, the phy test was like the best i did in this year! er provided nothing really screwed up.

anyway phy test was quite funny cos we din know when to start. give paper alr no teacher. then half of the class were saying cannot start then the other half is like start la start la. hahaha but anyway everyone read the qns and started thinking alr lor. by the time the teacher came back some ppl alr figured out the first page.

was in a very good mood after phy test until the “eh tmr got cid” reminder came. and then came home waited for my bro’s laptop heheh lucky he din need it. and copied a chunk from the report. maybe it won’t hit 3 min… sigh just let us know the order of the presentations la. i mean, wow heart exercise ah, keep u in suspense. in any case, even if we know when we will present, not like alot of ppl will prepare in advance right. at least from the grps i’ve ever worked in, usually it’s like that.

and then went home grumpy. ya then i guess ppl were quite irritated by me cos i kept giving the ya-la-wahlao-go-away-leh kind of response. ahhh maybe cid is to blame.


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