FMA :]

havent watched the show or read the manga since a long long time ago! watched the movie today(i know very lag) and very very happy with it. :] i forgot where i read until… T_T regret regret. i rmb i stopped cos of exams last year. and then too lazy to read alr.

anyway, just for fun.

What Fullmetal Alchemist character are you?
created with
You scored as Ed

You are Edward Elric, the FullMetal Alchemist. You love your gifts and what you do, but hate it when you’re told what to do with your talents, especially if it goes against your principles. You’re passionate, forgiving (at times), and above all, determined to persue your dreams.

















sigh, can’t wait for eoys to be over.

school starts tmr. so fast right. it feels like hols is just going to start only. and the timetable, no change. -.-

can’t believe 2/3 of the year passed alr. been through ALOT more than the previous years. it’s like so many changes, so many new things, so much to handle. what seem to be good are actually not good. what seem to be not good are really really not good. i can’t imagine 2010.

anyway, if the 2012(or some other year i can’t rmb) is really the end of the world, PLEASE LET ME SPEND THE REST OF MY DAYS IN A GOOD WAY.

just focus on the grey/blue armor thing on the right. HAH CUTE RIGHT 🙂

getting kind of high cos it’s night time and i’m going to sleep soon. HAHAHA just like obs. tired yet high at the same time cos i can sleep alr.


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