i’m afraid of change, cos of its unpredictability. 

that’s what makes life sucky. you’d never know what’s going to happen next. ok you may call it exciting. but i think my heart can’t take the thrill. this is rather ironic cos sometimes i grumble that my life sucks cos it has nothing, always the same old routine. this is called you can’t have the best of both worlds. 
i think the zuo3 he4 de chao ji ah ma book is damn good. one of the few books that can make me sit down and read for a long long long time. plus, it’s really quite easy to read. : )
sigh it’ll be good if i can have half of her optimism. 
jiali brought egg tarts to training. her mum and her make one. nice leh~. but almost all crumbled after training. and she said this isn’t the best yet. starting to feel hungry alr.
watched project runway ytd! wooo so long never watch alr. ^^ heheh i find it cool to see ppl sketch designs within half an hour and work on their design within like 2 days(i think). 
shall go youtube first. 

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