raining outside now. but the rain looks kind of fake, like the kind when ppl act, there’s a big hose or something that sprays water on top. still think that that kind of thing wastes alot of water. anyway the rain outside now looks fake cos it still looks quite bright and there’s no thunder no lightning, rain is very much evenly distributed, still as big as just now. the rain now is too…. anti-climax, in a way.

was late for training today but jiaolian also. just that i ran in right after he entered the indoor court. ran all the way there, when in actual fact there is a shorter way there. but the shorter way is inaccessible, only authorized ppl can enter. -.- so in the end have to run round that area before running to the court. which is quite stupid, why can’t they just locate the authorized ppl only office somewhere else. like there is any one going in there in the first place. i think thru out the 3 years we went there i also dun see anyone going in there.

right, then train train train. jumped the rubber band thing too. felt quite happy cos i managed to finish it heheh. started on the dui4 xing2 alr. but i just set for ppl to spike la. then they train their defence… stuff like that. i think my setting at least slightly better alr. just that the center one still very lousy la. at least the ball never spin so much alr, and i have to make sure it doesn’t go out of the court. sigh actually that’s alot to take note la. and if it remains like that, as in dun hit it too far/ too near from the net, it’d be quite an acomplishment this hols alr.

friendly match on fri. with beatty.

free tmr! 😀 the holiday policy – sleep late wake up late – can finally be done! provided my mother dun wake me up again.

oh after training went out with minping micole peiwoon seowrong. talked alot hahaha. from figure to bikini to swimming to moving house to religion to contact lens. something like that, i dunno how come the conversation was like that either. i din know contacts were glass in the beginning. and i wonder who would dare be the guinea pig for the first contact lens. and i din know the eye can reject the lens. that is if it’s flipped the wrong way. like how they reject?!?! pop out ah. but i still think contacts are cool. a piece of plastic stuck to your eyeball can let you see clearly.

something random: m2m is trilingual! according to wikipedia. wow i can’t even be effectively bilingual… they sang in mandrain before. i heard it on youtube, quite accurate leh. abit of accent, but overall, pretty well done. the most i can do ah… chan mali chan~ heheh.

it’s sept alr. how time flies. i’ve known you for so long alr?

I really thought it’d last


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