today was long and pretty much wasted. woke up at 8.30 T_T supposedly i shld have alot fo time to do alot of things. that’s by right what shld have happened. and things always go by left. i only did bio de mcq. then off to school for physics make-up lesson. today felt so bad.

it was like my mind was way away from my body. was super hard to focus during physics. for once i can understand and listen to the lesson, subconsciously(maybe) something was pulling my brain to the lalaland where i can find all the comics. all i was thinking was eh next time go library see got what comics…. eh wait wait physics first!….. sigh next time go see if got any more foxtrot or zits, maybe national library got more…. eh what is she talking abt? i thought she say before alr?…… maybe shouldn’t read comics le la, maybe shld try to read twilight but so many words…. huh resultant force zero lor… it was like making mental notes/talking to myself in between the lesson while trying to listen to the lesson. well yeah something like that, you shld get the point.


changed skin. :] kind of think flowers are cool nowadays.

honestly i haven’t got over that incident(aka previous post). tried all night trying to convince myself that it’s ALRIGHT. that it’d be my motivation to work harder and be better. and that i would believe this logic i created.

but still, i could try.

You felt it too, or didn’t you?


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