today is teachers’ day. the celebration was one of the coolest this year. i like the singing part. din know that ms tan and mr ng can sing so well. some other ppl too. the project runway was funny. pengfei was a firefly, i couldn’t stop laughing. our class one was quite nice la i think. jiali’s was…… alot of balloons but i thought hers look more professional hahaha. other than there were other stuff la, but too lazy to talk abt. the dance performance was cool too, as usual.

class party was weird in a way. the guys like anti the girls de lor. anyway, had lots of fun with yong en’s camera. took pictures here and there. had pictures of ppl eating, teachers talking, project runway ppl, ppl doing their stuff but we secretly took their picture in weird angles, so they look funny (or beng-ish) too. but before that i was also a victim. and somehow a picture of someone’s chest was taken. the owner is still unknown. then played chucky(?) but too many ppl and ppl lagged alot and there wasn’t much time left, so kind of not very successful la. but at least engaged ppl in something for a while, which is also not a totally bad thing.

and micole makes the best cookies! someone i forgot who said it tasted like famous amos! wow, micole can become huishan’s role model. demure and virtuous. 😀

ms tan was nice too! she bought cakes, which was not bad too. reminds me of he lao shi lor. i think that time class party he ordered pizza or something. sigh, those were the good old days. ^^

then after the party and concert school was like over alr lor. played a bit of vb, then went back to class, which surprisingly still had ppl. run round and round and round the block for a balloon, which was snatched away la. at first only me and kathy then later hanni joined in. honestly it’s fun to run along the corridors again without a care. :]

then lagged in class again. i rmb the chinese and english music conversation, damn funny. i can’t rmb how it started or how exactly it was, something like that i guess.

oh i know the my heart will go on!
huh so long ago alr…!
and hero!
huh got this song ah.
and take a bow lor.
ohhhhh take a bow ah…
but i think is very long time ago de, madonna sing de.

then me and jiarong laughed like crazy.

and as we were eating the sotong strips thing, me and hanni tried the each person bit one end, then eat it la, so you will get closer to the other person’s face. damn scary hahaha. i was like looking somewhere else, so in fact i think i ate from the side of my mouth.

after the long wait for yong en, they went kbox, me and kathy went west mall. which was fun la, cos we just talked and talked and talked. and then she reminded me of a lot of shows i used to watch. and alot of stuff i used to do when i was young.

i miss playing with sparklers, watching those gu3 zhuang1 ju4, wo3 he2 jiang1 shi1 you3 yue1(or something like that), jin1 tian2 yi1!, running with my brother who was ordered to go exercise( my father made him) cos i had nothing to do, playing soccer and then eating popsicles (worthed 15 cents nowadays), running around for the fun of it, acting as immortals with my brothers, or as some wu3 lin2 gao1 shou3 from the different sects, “piggy-backing” and being “piggy-backed”.

i miss the feeling of doing something just for the fun of it.

right i forgot to talk abt THE SMS. argh to be honest i’m not sure how i felt abt it, a mixture of feelings, mostly angry in a way i suppose. you know the tone sounds like she is demanding for gifts or something. i mean, does it really matter?!?!?!?! ugh no mood to talk abt it.

what to say, it sure added spice to today.


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