disappear suddenly

today is wednesday. and i’m dying from trying not to sleep.

tmr is the start of common test! lang arts and chem. luckily i did notes for chem for mid years so now only have QA and salts to worry MORE abt. as for lang arts…. when the inspiration comes, the essay flows. i’d love to live by that sentence, but…. sigh, i guess really have to use what mr zong say, HAVE FAITH. which is actually “pray and hope very hard that it’ll turn out fine” shortened into 2 words.

got back the ss graded assignment… failed la. sigh. and got back chem paper too. feel like stoning now.

it just occurred to me that i actually managed to study for 10 plus years alr. wow, i never even had a friend that i known and is still very much in touch with for 10 years. yet i can survive through these 10 years with books, worksheets, books and some more books. but still sometimes, i feel like giving up studying then have the go-wash-dishes-la-aspiration again. if there are two things that cause this, it’d be competition and expectations. yeah unavoidable, but still very discouraging.

just some sidetracking(not to be really taken seriously),

why is it that parents like to give the kid a “guideline” of what your future SHOULD be, when the kid dun even know the fate of their tmr.

must we live within the rubrics of having a good life.

if the guideline life is true, then you are living in a tv.

conclusion: parents should cut down on tv.

mon-thurs: sian
fri: too tired
sat: too busy
sun: the next day is monday

ok now gogogo study! (ironic right, i know T_T)


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