heyo. today is the last day of the long weekend holiday. havent been studying, so that is the same as saying i better pray for common test. these days i no longer mind getting marks that are average. well, not totally dun mind la, but at least still can get myself to face it. now, average seems pretty good alr. seriously dun like getting older. it’s like everyone can move on, get smarter get better. and i’m still at square one, havent even move, so not counted as back to square one. if only things were not so academic-wise. read some article from newspapers, ARE YOU LIVING FOR YOUR PARENTS? thy say there are ppl who study medicine cos their parents ask them to. on the surface it seems like these ppl dun have a mind of their own, always being directed by their parents. yeah, but it feels like even if the issue is addressed, nothing is going to be or will be done anyway. and honestly i have no answer to that qn either. but anyway, quite thought provoking.

i’m almost done with the hw. which actually shld be done long long ago. so plan for today! finish up the post, finish up hw and start to mug alr!

there’s cca tmr. after not playing for 3 days, all i can say is good luck. nono cannot be so negative. sigh, and my arm is aching leh. i won’t play bmt anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! i think. in any case, i think i’ll need the luck. august alr… like around 5 more months left!!!!!!

oh ya, my brother got a laptop(FINALLY!!!!!!!) and it’s like his baby la. weighs 2.5kg. he got a laser printer and probably some wireless connection thing soon. like diapers and milk powder lor. and most of all, he treats it like…………. a baby, so gentle with it hahaha.

i hope my arm dun ache anymore.


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