something on the surface.

school reopened today, had quite some unexpected stuff and changes. changed bio, pe, ss teacher. maybe geog will too, not too sure. changed co-form too. the teachers are okay i guess.

after friday’s camp, things seemed to become a confusion. sigh, quite unhappy about it honestly. YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES WE DO IT FOR THE PRIDE TOO. damn, feel that we wronged and are wronged. talk about misunderstandings. if this is one. haiya, if only i can be happy for the ENTIRE DAY, i’d die with no regrets. entire day as in 24 hours non-stop. if that day would be the day i die too… then it’s quite good leh haha, then at least die happy.

sometimes, i see no way that i am emo lor. eh wait let me ease my tone. just, honestly la, haha i prefer to think of it as deep thinking before i go into the day’s rush routine again. maybe sometimes, the deep thinking was a little extreme and damn pessimistic… but now i pretty much worked things out alr.

ignorance is bliss. yeahhhh it’s true but then again, ironically, i like to know things people dun. just that when the things you know are bad things, you wish you could rewind and forget la.

today, i realised, being used as a shield is… sucky. yeah, crap la, anyone also know, but most importantly it’s the person who did something like that to you. doubles the pain…

avoidance is not equal to good riddance, sadly.

oh well, the siloso pictures to puff up the post.

the other vballers.

some of the year 3s.

hello jiali.

hello ziyun, zilian on my phone.

huishan and ziyun.

yo brotherrrrr.

one last look at the $entosa sky.

then again, i dun have to give a _ abt how you feel. it just shows that you are weak and you WANT people to defend and protect you. in actual fact i dun think you deserve the protection anyway.


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